Why is November the Stormiest Period of the Year and the Forecast for Next Wee



Believe it or Not!

On average, we are now past the worst weather of the winter!  Shocking but true.  And in the second segment of my podcast, I tell you why.

Take a look at the daily probability of experiencing .25 inches or more  in Seattle (below).  Mid to late November is the time of the year when you have best chance to “enjoy” such a wet day and the probabilities actually drop in December and November.

What about a plot of daily extreme rainfall in Seattle?   November has the most with December being relatively more benign (below).

There is a reason for this situation and it has to do with the strength and position of the jet stream.  Check my podcast to find  out.

And the podcast also includes the forecast for this week, which will include unusually dry, sunny conditions and powerful easterly flow on the western side of the Cascades.

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