Why it’s not a good time to be an Indian student in US


A Nagpur-based consultant, Vijay Naidu, working with British universities for the past 20 years, said that rupee will not affect enrollments this year as parents and students have already committed to universities in the US and UK.


Manoj Gupta,whose son joined an economics programme at the University of Arkansas this summer, is also on tenterhooks as the yearly cost of education has increased by 3 lakhs in just five months.

Zaman Rana went to study forensic science at Angelia Ruskin University in Cambridge last year, he looked forward to buy a car. A year later, he shelved the plan and works part-time job at nearby Marks & Spencer to cover his cost of education, which has been increasing with the sliding rupee.

He said, ” My annual cost of education is a little over £20,000 which was around Rs 19.5 lakh when I joined, as the rupee was around 85 to a pound. Today it’s costlier by at least Rs 2.5 lakh, which has impacted my parents”.

In the US, students who have so fae paid 50% of the fee, have requested the universities for flexible payments, said Naidu.