Why it’s so important we believe people about their mental health


Naomi Osaka at the French Open in Paris

Naomi Osaka at the French Open in Paris

Javier Garcia/BPI/Shutterstock

When Meghan Markle said she thought of ending her life during her time living with the royal family in the UK, people online said: No, actually, you didn’t feel like that. When British MP Nadia Whittome said she was taking time off because she had PTSD, again people said no, she’s just stressed, stress is normal. And when tennis player Naomi Osaka said recently she would stop giving press conferences because of the impact they have on her mental health, people decided for themselves what that phrase meant, and concluded she was being unfair, unreasonable and overdramatic.

It is relevant that these three public figures are women of colour, and therefore especially likely to be scrutinised. But it is also indicative…

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