As Rajasthan gears up for the high voltage elections due in four days (December 7), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) brought in Prime Minister Narendra Modi for its final leg of campaign. PM Modi, addressing a sea of supporters in Jodhpur, launched a fierce attack on the Congress, saying the party is seeking votes on the plank of religion while the same party had once called Lord Ram a fictional character.


Speaking at a mega rally in the blue city, PM Modi said, “When Congress was in power, it gave it in writing to Supreme Court that “Bhagwan Ram ka koi aitihashik praman nahi hai. (There is no historical evidence of Lord Ram’s existence). Unhone kaha yeh [Lord Ram] ek kalpanik patra hai (They said Ram is a fictional character. Ab yeh mujhe pooch rahe hain ki Modi ko Hindutva ka gyan hai yah nahi (Same people are now asking if Modi understands Hindutva or not).”

“Now when the elections are approaching, they say Modi doesn’t have any knowledge about Hinduism. Should Rajasthan vote over Modi’s knowledge of Hinduism?”

Taking a jibe at Congress playing the religion card in the BJP-ruled state, Modi added, “Should Rajasthan vote for bijli, paani, sadak (electricity, water and roads), or for Modi’s knowledge of the religion.”

“Congress is running an university of teaching how to lie. As soon as you enter the party, you start a PhD in the art of lying,” said PM Modi.

Continuing his attack on Congress and its leadership, PM Modi said that India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru had objected to President Rajendra Prasad’s visit for the consecration of Somnath temple, which was destroyed by foreign invaders and renovated by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.