We all get bored while waiting in ques because mostly we don’t have the patience to stand in lines. So we listen to music or call somebody and chat, or maybe sneak further ahead in the queue.

But this young girl made other plans when she got bored standing in the queue. This girl sneaked into the X-ray machine meant for baggage inspection.

The girl goes down on all fours to enter the machine and is seen a few seconds later getting up to walk away from the other end of the scanner, to the bewilderment of security officials and passersby.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the radiation emitted by X-ray machines is 1 millirad or less, while the average level we are exposed to in the natural environment is 360 millirad every year, reported the South China Morning Post.

A similar incident happened at the Dongguan Railway Station, China in February last year where a man hopped on to an X-ray security scanner to protect her handbag. A video of the same was also circulated on social media.