Word + Quiz: indolent – The New York Times


1. disinclined to work or exertion, or lazy

2. (of tumors, e.g.) slow to heal or develop and usually painless


The word indolent has appeared in 19 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Jan. 16 in “‘Bad Boys for Life’ Review: In a Minivan, but Still Riding” by Glenn Kenny:

The comedic chemistry of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith has to do a lot of heavy lifting in “Bad Boys for Life,” the third buddy-cop action movie to feature the pair as maverick Miami detectives. They get the job done — delivering a mildly enjoyable movie that committed fans of the franchise will rate a lot higher — but they have to hack through a lot of by-the-numbers plotting and indolent characterizations to get there.

The opening sequence depicts Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey at the wheel of a Porsche, speeding furiously, while Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett shouts loud enough to drown out the engine. As it’s been 17 years since “Bad Boys II,” one might smell a midlife-male punch line, and sure enough, they are in a hurry to attend the birth of Marcus’s grandson. Marcus, hence, would like to stop and smell the roses; Mike thinks retirement is a dirty word.


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