World’s youngest PM in Finland


Finland’s Sanna Marin, 34, was officially appointed as the country’s prime minister on Tuesday (Dec 10), becoming the world’s youngest sitting head of government. Marin became Finland’s third female prime minister after her nomination was passed in parliament by 99 votes to 70 Tuesday and President Sauli Niinisto officially appointed the new centre-left cabinet. She succeeds Antti Rinne, who resigned last week after losing the trust of one of his coalition parties over his handling of a postal strike.


youngest pm of finland

Marin is known for her support of climate and environmental issues. She was raised in a so-called “rainbow family,” headed by two women. She has told Finnish media about growing up in what she described as “modest” conditions. She has also spoken of past struggles to find her way in life, and the fulfillment she has found in politics.

She is active on social media, especially Instagram. She has posted many pictures of her private life and of her family, which includes her partner and their young daughter. On Instagram, she shared pictures of her pregnancy and of breastfeeding her daughter. Marin is the third woman to hold the office of prime minister in Finland. She has had a quick rise to the top level of Finnish politics. She took over as city council leader in her hometown when she was 27. She became a national lawmaker in 2015, at the age of 30.

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Now, Marin is the world’s youngest head of government. But she might not be the youngest for long. Thirty-three-year-old Sebastian Kurz, the former Austrian chancellor who rose to that position at age 31, is in talks to form a new coalition. The move would put him back in office as chancellor.