Yes, Washington Square Park can again be the jewel it once was


I was born and raised in Manhattan. I’m raising my two children here, and I attended NYU before graduating from Parsons. I know the downtown area well. I also know Manhattan is a Democratic bastion. But as a longtime “downtowner,” I can say with certainty: There’s nothing that could turn anyone into a Republican more quickly than taking a jaunt through Washington Square Park.

Go ahead, do it — I dare you.

Washington Square Park scores a deadly trifecta: It’s dangerous, dirty and a full-blown drug den. Once upon a time, it was a bucolic refuge and jewel — with a water fountain, three different playgrounds and verdant areas to picnic and congregate. It boasted an eclectic mix of downtown personalities, NYU and Parsons students, a piano player, performance artists and poets. It was a perfect, electric representation of the spirited, dynamic,…

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