Zoom is planning to launch its own email service soon


Zoom is working on an email service and calendar apps as it looks to expand and establish itself as a software giant. These apps, as per the report, could be called Zmail and Zcal, respectively. Zoom is expected to make the product announcement at its annual Zoomtopia conference which is likely to take place in November this year.

Zoom gained a lot of attraction during the coronavirus pandemic when everyone was working from home and needed a good video conferencing app for casual or work meetings. Now, it appears that the company is targeting other areas like the email service. If this is actually the case, then Zoom will face stiff competition from popular apps. It will likely be difficult for Zoom to persuade users to switch to its email service.

Google’s Gmail app is widely used by a lot of users worldwide for both work and casual purposes. In 2018, the…

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